The first complete video solution

SharkCloud is the most powerful cloud solution which combines video delivery, storage and encoding. We made it incredibly simple to integrate while you are still able to customize everything.

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All in one solution

Shark combines video storage, delivery and encoding in one cloud so that you can focus on building your app.


Strong data protection

Privacy is very important to our founders. That's why we do not collect any personal data of our customers or their users.


Cost Efficient

We built SharkCloud on its own cloud, perfectly tailored for the needs of a content delivery network. This makes our service insanely affordable.

It's easy to to integrate SharkCloud

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Integrate our player with a single line of code, customize it later

Worlds Best Support

Having trouble implementing SharkCloud? Dont worry, we got you! The shark team will help for free via internet or will visit your company.


You, or your customers upload a video and we do the rest, no matter which file format. Optimized for all browsers.

Cloud Storage

We store your videos securely on datacenters in the EU. Every file is automatically saved multiple times to minimize the chance of data loss.

Powerful API

Simple endpoints to upload and serve videos. Subscribe to webhooks and access detailed statistics.

Integrating SharkCloud is easy

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